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1st Mar 2021

1.How do treats arrive when I order them through the Woofables website?

  • All of our decorated treats come wrapped in wax bags, usually 4 treats per bag. If you’d like them to be packaged differently, please let us know and we can work with you to meet your needs.
  • All of our bulk (undecorated) treats are weighed by the pound and up to 5 pounds at a time are put in zip lock bags.  If you'd like them to be packaged in 8 oz. or 16 oz. retail bags, please let us know and we can work with you to meet your needs.

2.  Is there a way to get the treats packaged individually, and if so, what is the cost per treat?

  • Yes, we will gladly package the treats individually with an ingredient or UPC label for an additional fee of $.15 per treat.

3.  How do I pay for the packaging? I don’t see an option to choose that on your website.

  • At this time our website is unable to add the additional fee for packaging.  To work around this, we can send you an invoice via email or you can call us with your credit card number and we will bill you for the packaging at the time of shipment.

4.  How soon after I place my order will it ship out?

  • Your order will ship 5 business days after your order is placed.

5.  Can I use photos from your website?

  • Yes, you can copy and paste the photos of our products found on our website.

6.  Can I put my own labels on your products if I sell them at my store/website?

  • Yes, however, we ask that you let your customers know these treats are 'Manufactured by Woofables', as we are a licensed pet food manufacturer in the State of Iowa.

7.  What is the minimum size order I can place as a wholesale customer?

  • $100 is the minimum order size, excluding shipping cost.

8.  If I am a new customer, what are the best sellers? How will I know what to purchase for my store?

  • We would be happy to advise you on placing your first order to give you ideas about what is selling best at certain times of the year.  Please call the bakery at (319)351-9663 for assistance.

9.  How are your bulk (undecorated) treats packaged?

  • Our bulk treats are packaged up to 5 pounds at a time in ziplock bags. If you’d like us to package in 8oz or 16oz retail bags, please let us know and we can work through the details with you.

10.  Can you provide a UPC barcode on your labels?

  • Yes, we can package treats individually with UPC barcode labels. We charge $.15 per bagged treat.

11.  How can I make a comment, compliment, or complaint?

  • We welcome your feedback, please leave a comment on our website, send us an email at, or call our bakery at 319-351-9663.

12.  What is the best way to display treats at my store?

  • Decorated treats can be displayed a variety of ways...on platters, in a bakery case, in baskets, etc. You can also have items individually packaged in clear bags.
  • Bulk treats can be displayed in bins, tubs or bowls, or they can be packaged in 8oz or 16oz bags to sit on your store shelves.

13.  Does my order need to be paid at the time of ordering?

  • Online orders are paid at the time your order is placed. For non-online orders we run payment on the day we ship.

14.  Where can I find bags, or packaging options if I'd prefer to package treats myself?

  • There are plenty of bags such as kraft paper bags, translucent plastic bags, clear self-sealing cello bags, brown paper sandwich bags and bakery bags with windows.  We suggest you search on the web to get started. 

15.  Can I buy the shapes undecorated?

  • Yes, we do sell undecorated shapes by the pound.